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Driven by the value we can add to your business

Litmus Group (Litmus) is a management consultancy firm specialising in the creation of tangible value through the realisation of strategy.  We partner with clients and their teams to translate their strategic intent into the outcomes they had envisaged.

We are an employee-owned firm with a committed and talented team that is driven by the strategic value we can add to our clients’ businesses.  We have offices across Australia and in Singapore. Litmus Group is part of The Clovis Capital Company, a portfolio of companies including TrueNorth Advantage, Clovis Investments and Clovis Products.

Litmus has access to international expertise through its global membership of Cordence Worldwide, an international partnership of locally focused consulting companies with common values. Through this partnership, we offer our clients the global knowledge and cross-industry experience from more than 2600 consultants in 50 offices around the world.

In 1998, Litmus was born with a clear mandate: to partner with clients to realise their strategic goals.  We were then, and we remain today, a new breed of management consulting firm that is driven by value.

Our Culture & Values

Our values are the cornerstone of our beliefs, defining who we are and how we do things.  We are authentic in everything we do:

Integrity: We are open and honest in our dealings with others. We are courageous and accountable.

Enthusiasm: We are motivated by what we do and aim to exceed the expectation of our clients and of our teams. We embody professional hunger.

Respect: We have a respectful attitude to our clients and colleagues. It is through respect that we are able to engage and build rapport.

From day one, all of our employees are part of a dynamic work environment, where change, variety and opportunity can be embraced. We encourage open and honest communication, respect and trust.

Litmus is committed to being a socially responsible organisation. We maintain this commitment by embracing environmental sustainability and providing back to our community as a values-based business.

Happy, healthy and balanced people make for better colleagues and consultants. A strong element of the culture of Litmus is work-life balance. We proactively try to accommodate flexible work arrangements, support parents returning to the workforce and offer 10 weeks paid maternity leave / two weeks paid paternity leave. When an employee joins Litmus they become a member of a ‘consulting family’ and a friend for life.

At Litmus, everyone has a right to be heard and an obligation to listen. We believe that collaboration is the key and share knowledge, life experiences and insights. Although we all have different experiences and different roles in our organisation, we are ultimately all on the same team working towards the same outcomes. Our culture is what separates us from the pack.

The Litmus Oxfam team 2011

The Litmus story

Litmus was founded in Brisbane in May, 1998, by Don Blair, a 25-year veteran at Ernst and Young, 12 of them as a Partner in its management consulting division.

Litmus grew from Don’s first-hand experience of how many organisations were willing to invest in strategic planning, but how few committed the resources or had the skills needed to implement these new directions.

We work with many of Australia’s top and mid-tier companies, statutory authorities, government business enterprises and government departments.  Current and previous clients include Rio Tinto Coal, Harvey Norman, QR, Australia Post, Sydney Water, AGL, Queensland Gas Corporation, Energex, Skilled Engineering, Department of Defence, National Australia Bank, Telstra, and many more.

Litmus is now headquartered in Melbourne, with offices across Australia and Singapore.

Our success has enabled us to continue to grow, expand our services and deepen our expertise.  We are a tight-knit team of expert consultants and professional staff now numbering more than 90, and driven by the value we can add to your business.

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